4 Meaningful Gift Ideas For a Baby Shower

So you’ve got an impending baby shower marked on the calendar. You may have your outfit picked out, the route there worked out, but have you done the most important thing of all—picking out a gift? It’s a task many of us avoid until the last minute due to our own commitments and the fact that the pressure of picking out the perfect present can feel overwhelming.
We get it—you want to pick something meaningful, practical, and memorable all at the same time. Why not try these 4 gift ideas that precisely fit the bill? You’ll be sure to leave an impression on the mother-to-be with any of them. Just make sure to have a camera at the ready to capture her look of surprise

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Recording all of the significant milestones in your baby’s life is one of the most wonderful ways to keep track of their development. Any parent will know that it really is true when they say that “kids grow up so fast.” That’s why a baby memory book is an ideal gift to a mom-to-be. It’s basically a scrapbook of their baby’s most special moments that parents can continuously add to throughout their childhood.

From their first crawl, word, step, and everything in between, there’s no better way to treasure these memories than to record them in a baby memory book. There are so many memories your loved one can include to make their book bountiful. You may want to let them know that if they’re stuck for ideas on what to include, there are no shortage of resources filled with helpful ideas to get them started. What’s particularly special about this gift is that it will always have a special spot in the lives of your loved one and their child. For instance, many parents choose to gift their child the book when they’re grown up as a trip down memory lane.

2. Baby Plaster Casting Kit
It’s inevitable that the mom-to-be will be gifted the usual baby shower gifts, like photo frames and soft toys. So to ensure the mom-to-be isn’t stuck with 20 baby photo frames and 5 Mickey Mouse toys, we recommend you to avoid buying typical baby shower gifts. What, then, is a memorable and meaningful gift that’s sure to not be repeated? A baby plaster cast. “A baby cast is without a doubt a gift any mother-to-be is sure to treasure,” says Angela Stringfellow from Baby Know How. “Just like a photograph, it captures a memory of the baby in a special way that can always be fondly looked back on.”

These kits come with all of the equipment needed to make a plaster cast of the baby’s hand and/or foot. Depending on the kit you buy, a mold may also be included that allows for certain shapes like a love heart to be made. Some kits even come additional items like ribbons, glitter, paint, or even a photo frame to display the imprint.

3. A Portable Changing Mat
Needing to change your baby’s diapers without a proper or clean change table is a parent’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for restaurants and other public places to either not have proper changing facilities or only have ones that are quite unhygienic.

This gift, therefore, isn’t meaningful in the same way that these other ideas are. It’s meaningful because of how thoughtful it is in recognizing a problem that parents face on a regular basis. The mother-to-be probably hasn’t even thought as far as changing their baby when out and about, but believe us, they’ll be using this present as soon as they’re ready to head out with their bub in tow.

4. An Edible Bouquet
Are you trying to rack your brain in an effort to think of a truly unique present for a mom-to-be? You can’t get more unique than an edible bouquet of fresh fruits and luxury chocolate. Haven’t heard of edible bouquets before? That’s case in point of just how special these gifts are! Edible bouquets are arrangements of mouth-watering chocolate and fresh fruits that have been thoughtfully pieced together.

There are plenty of edible bouquets to choose from and specially made for the purpose of baby showers, so you won’t be lacking options. There are some featuring fresh fruit in fun shapes like daisies and stars, and other more extravagant choices that boast semisweet chocolate dipped fruits. The only problem with this gift is that your loved one will not want to share it around!